Saturday, 14 October 2017

| Embrace Who You Are |

 | Embrace Who You Are |  

Hello my lovely followers and visitors to my blog 😊

Feel free to laugh at these photos because I am expressing my true
self to the world, well the world and internet as a weird one at
times who in this photo had just laughed at themself for being weird
doing silly poses as I felt awkward dong my photon shoot for my bog post so
started messing around-which is truly what I am like 
Recently it has occurred to me watching different You tube videos, reading different blogs and magazines that many people, mainly women do not express their natural hair and let it run wild. And whilst I myself have let my hair do its own thing, (mainly as I'm too lazy in the mornings ) alongside a bit of help from myself in terms of straightening my fringe so that it doesn't cover my eyes and stick up like it does in the morning -think of a lion main and then you'll get the image of my hair in its 'true' form in the morning-, I have noticed that as time goes by and the less I touch it, the more it's natural curl is more defined and the easier it is to get ready in the mornings due to only touching the top part of my hair when I get ready. And this makes me feel good about myself; expressing my self and loving myself for who I am.

I hear and talk to many people who say they "hate" their natural hair because it's too wild or too curly or too frizzy to deal with. And whatever the reason I always think to myself; why don't we all accept ourselves, become happier within and go about life not caring what others think about us because we're happy about who we are as individuals.
 And this example leads me onto my intentions for this blog post today, the issue of so many of us not embracing who we are and accepting ourselves for who we truly are. I can think of so many times in my life when I was a young teenager and still getting to know who I am that I really didn't like myself. I mean it, I would criticise myself for everything!  And unfortunately society seems to encourage this criticism in the media, in our lives and it even appears ingrained into our human nature. For instance, adverts would portray models with slender waists and thigh gaps and 'perfect' skin and I would just compare myself as the 16 year old Caris who didn't like who she was. And unfortunately I still see this today and hear others compare themselves to these 'ideals' in society.

Recently I have been thinking about things, about myself and my goals for life, and one thing that I want to express to everyone in the hope I can help anyone who struggles to love who they are, whatever your reason I am not judging, I want to highlight something that rings loud and clear in my mind: you must be happy in life and happy within yourself no matter what anyone else thinks; because you are important and only you can truly make yourself feel this way. In the past, the way others have treated me has lead me to believe I should't be myself or like myself for who I am. This has occurred through bullying I have experienced from those I thought I could trust, but instead who turned against me because I was different to them and because I thought differently to them. I am glad to say now I have found friends who I feel I fit in with, be it the topics I can discuss to our personalities and general heck-do-it attitude that has helped us push ourselves to achieve better. But I only felt I fit in when I became happy with who I am and adopted my current motto of "be yourself no matter what anyone thinks because you are amazing". Today I feel happy to be me, and happy to go through life trying not to worry about things unless it really is necessary; even when I have days where my emotions make me feel angry and unhappy with who I am. Because expressing yourself takes time that only you can develop into life mottos through your experiences.

P.S. enjoy this very embarrassing photo of me which shouts to the world my
personality: an absolute weird one at times who in this photo felt awkward doing
a photo shoot, yes I am admitting this, and so I decided to make it humorous haha
And I know that I may not truly understand the experiences others may face towards understanding themselves, we are all different individuals experiencing life in so many ways we could not compare ourselves to one another; but I just wanted to say in this post today, that I want everyone to express themselves however they please, be it through your amazing fashion sense, your makeup slaying skills or your personality lighting up conversations when you enter the room. Be it your blogs like those I am inspired by on Bloglovin with bloggers truly expressing themselves to the world. Because I have spoken to so many people who are afraid to be themselves, afraid to express themselves, such as those who criticise themselves from their hair, their body, just everything. I want to emphasise that we all deserve happiness and deserve to feel great for who we are, in our own way and in our own time. So express yourself, find out new things bout yourself that allow you to express your personality, such as how I have through blogging for three years which has enabled me to express my interests in fashion, beauty an travel to so many people; that in turn, makes me happy to be me.

Thank you for reading, I hope this was helpful and an insight to others the way I feel we should all be ,

Yours truly,

Caris  😊

Sunday, 10 September 2017

September Style Edit | Hummingbird Embroidered Ripped Mum Jean

September Style Edit | Hummingbird Embroidered Ripped Mum Jean

Hello to all my followers and visitors to my blog.

Today I am sharing my new outfit for this September which I am in love with right now; my Hummingbird Embroidered Ripped Mum Jean which cost me just £19.99, a great price for ripped and embroidered style jeans.
   As some of you may already know from my previous post, I am currently obsessed with embroidered denim and I have also been obsessed with the 90's denim looks this year (which you all likely have noticed 😄) because I just love the vibes they radiate.

And that leads me onto my new Hummingbird Embroidered Ripped Mum Jeans that I love with the intricate details sewn into the denim such as the flowers and the hummingbird, and the laid back, lazy day chic look Mum jeans radiate. Mum jeans are a big thing in the fashion industry at the moment, and I can see why. They are extremely comfortable with the loose fit mum jeans have and the rolled
up ankles that give off a relaxed vibe.
To add, Mum jeans are extremely versatile, with the ability to be styled with multiple different clothing items and styles; such as leather jackets and boots, jumpers, cardigans and loose fit, over-sized t-shirts.

For this outfit, I styled my Hummingbird Embroidered Ripped Mum Jeans with my White Ribbed High Neck Top and my White Canvas Trainers for a laid back look.
   This look can also be paired with a Black Leather Jacket and Black Boots for this September's current transitioning weather here in the UK, which is slowly transforming into frosty Autumn.
For Winter my Hummingbird Embroidered Ripped Mum Jeans can be paired with a white or grey Chunky Knit Jumper, and Black Boots. In the Spring, they can be paired with my White Ribbed High Neck Top and White trainers, and White Key Hole Top and White Trainers for Summer.      
Whatever the season, these Hummingbird Embroidered Ripped Mum Jeans are a great fashion statement item to wear for an everyday, relaxed out, effortless look; whilst looking great at the same time.

Thank you for reading,

Yours truly,
Caris 😊

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Floral Frenzy | Floral Embroidered Skinny Jeans

 Floral Frenzy | Floral Embroidered Skinny Jeans 

Hello all my lovely followers and visitors to my blog.

Today I am posting about a new favourite clothing item lately, my Floral Embroidered Skinny Jeans. I am in love with denim and floral embroidery at the moment, so when I saw these jeans I had to snatch them up; especially with a 20% off offer on the jeans resulting in an overall cost of just £12.80!

For this look, I paired my Floral Embroidered Skinny Jeans with my White Waterfall, Spit Back Blouse for a elegant, casual look and my white trainers. I upturned and rolled the bottom of the jeans to show my ankles and add an edgy, casual feel to the outfit; something I always do with jeans and that has become a trend obsession of mine.

The Floral Embroidered Skinny Jeans not only look gorgeous, but are a highly versatile clothing item, and add an effortless statement to your look.
   The Floral Embroidered Skinny Jeans can be worn with my Waterfall, Split-back White Blouse and white trainers during the Summer as seen in the photographs above. For Autumn, this outfit can be coordinated alongside a Long, Over-Sized, Grey Cardigan, or with a Chunky Knit White Jumper during Winter. Whatever I mix it up with it looks great 😃

And the most important factor alongside style; comfort. These Floral Embroidered Skinny Jeans are extremely comfortable for a skinny jean. They have a soft touch denim feel, and are not too skinny to the point where you feel suffocated by the jeans, unlike other skinny jeans I have come across. These jeans also have a good amount of elastic to them, meaning you can move around all day long without being restricted; which is great when you're walking around everywhere.

My Floral Embroidered Skinny Jeans are the perfect clothing item this year, and highly versatile, something that's highly important when it comes to statement items. They are a definite yes when you're looking for something interesting, different, yet comfortable and affordable.

Thank you for reading,

Yours truly,

Caris 😃

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Summer Essential | Black Tie Waist Culottes

 Summer Essential | Black Tie Waist Culottes

 Hello to all my lovely followers and visitors to my blog 😃

Today's post is about one of my more adventurous clothing items, my Black Tie Waist Culottes. Now, I love Culottes. They are just so different from your usual trousers and their quirky vibe they present is something I love; making your outfit look individual and different. And individuality is something I view as very important, especially when expressing it through fashion choices like I make every day.

So let me introduce you to my very individualistic Black Tie Waist Culottes that I adore so much! I purchased my Black Tie Waist Culottes from Quiz for an amazing £9.99, one of my favourite brands for more individual or higher fashion clothing items, such as for occasions, and I just love them.  

Culottes are on trend at the moment this Summer in the fashion industry and I can see why, with the edgy look they give off and the versatility of the look, I wear my Culottes for both nights out or special occasions. I pair my Black Tie Waist Culottes with my White Key Hole Crop Top, Open Toe, Chunky Heels, Black Leather Jacket and Black Bag for nights out or special occasions; and my White Key Hole Crop Top, Black Loafers (which I am obsessed with), Black Bag and Black Leather Jacket during the day for a comfy edgy look. The best part is that because the leg is so wide, they are so cool and comfortable to wear in the summer.

There is just something so enhancing for your confidence when wearing Culottes, likely the different style they possess in comparison to common, contemporary styles, but whatever it is I feel so good wearing my culottes day or night. I think one great characteristic is that they're simple but different, so you can mix them with anything you want, something I definitely noticed in London for the
weekend with friends in June.
It was when I went to London with friends to celebrate finishing A-Level exams, that I wore these Black Tie Waist Culottes for the first time, after feeling too shy to wear them previously and because it wasn't Summer; so I packed them in my suitcase as a outfit for going out for a meal with my friends in London. When wearing them, two of my friends complimented me on my Tie Waist Culottes, which was nice as it helped me feel more confident than I did about them.
   And the next day on Oxford Street, in London, this girl I didn't know approached me, also a Culotte fan wearing a Burgundy Culotte
Jumpsuit and white trainers (which looked so nice) asked where I got my Culottes from and complimented me on them before walking off again. This made my day, as a complete stranger loved my Tie Waist Culottes so much she wanted to know where they were from 😃
And I kid you not, Culottes where everywhere in London that weekend! It was like a Culotte fashion show.
However, I did not plan to wear them during the day with my brogues, and my discovery of the daytime outfit was basically an accident when I forgot to pack another top for the weekend, as I had to take the one intended for the last day the day I drove to Oxford to get the bus because my previous top's button broke 😒 So long story short, I chucked on my Tie Waist Culottes with my White Key Hole Crop Top, Black Loathers and Black Bag and Black Leather Jacket and it actually looked pretty good as I kept admiring myself in London's shop windows. And I am glad that top broke, because otherwise I never would have discovered the daytime Tie Waist Culotte look nor received the compliment that I did that sunny weekend in London.

Thanks for reading,

Yours truly,

Caris  ðŸ˜ƒ

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A Week Exploring Wales | Holiday in Llanon, Wales

A Week Exploring Wales | Holiday in Llanon, Wales 

Sunset at the seaside near Llanrhystud
near Llanon..
Hello my lovely followers and visitors 😃

Today I thought I would share a bit of information on my latest holiday to Wales, which I returned from mid July. This year my family and myself and our three dogs went to Wales for the second year in a row, where we stayed in a lovely old detached house in Llanon facing the seaside.
The journey took approximately 4 1/2 hours, but when we got there the house was lovely.

Entrance to the Silver Mountain Experience mine, Wales 
The home was a lush blue on the outside and the interior design and layout was very nice, with extremely old stairs that possessed carpet holders made out of wood which would keep the rugs on the stairs in place. Looking closely at the wooden staircase you could tell it was an old house, with the wood carvings created in great detail and the stairs faded by years of sunlight where the rug was not placed.

After unpacking our things we set off to look at the seaside in a neighbouring town. The view was great with rock faces in the distance, and the comforting sound of the waves crashing onto the shore before retreating.

On holiday we visited plenty of places and sights. We visited the beach near Llanrhystud multiple times that week, which is situated about a 5 minute drive from Llanon. Another place we visited which I found interesting was the Silver Mountain Experience, a old mine open to tourists and the public to explore, learn historical facts about and that possessed rumors of ghosts and witches.

We even had a tour into the mines which were dark, damp and extremely cold, but which I found amazingly interesting with my interest in history.
A collage of my favourite photographs taken at the Magic
of Life Butterfly House, CwmRheidol, Aberystwyth.
    Our tour guide even told us about multiple ghosts claimed to have been sighted and heard by tourists and staff, such as one ghosts of a young boy who one day messed around with the framework and fell to his death. This I found chilling as I believe that we all must go somewhere when we die and that ghosts are likely real, and after the tour guide told us about this ghost, and directed us towards the exit, I couldn't help but feel as someone or something was behind me, like the way you feel when you feel something's presence near you; but I turned around and there was
no one there except the old framework where the boy had fallen. This made me wonder if there really was someone there or if it was a placebo effect from my brain after being told ghosts had been sighted. But with the historical information of the mines causing over 40 deaths a week I can't help but not be surprised if there are ghosts from the poor who worked from the age they could crawl until their premature deaths, and so decided to keep them in my mind as I felt sympathetic for the workers struggle to survive, and grateful for life today and the opportunities it provided for us.

Hafod Church, Hafod Estate, supported by the
Hafod Trust and sponsored by the
 Welsh Government
Information of Hafod Estate.
 Further on in the week, we visited The Magic of Life Butterfly House in CwmRheidol, Aberystwyth which I thought was amazing, and was one of the best places I've been to, housing so many beautiful, elegant and colourful butterflies which were all very friendly and in great condition, alongside amazing Scorpions which turn turquoise under UV light, Hercules Beatles, giant moths, Tarantulas and many more exotic insects that looked content in their homes. One of my favourite Butterflies was the Blue Morpho butterfly with it's amazing bright blue winds which sweep past your face; and after
much perseverance and following the butterflies around waiting to catch a picture of their blue wings, I finally got a clear image which you can see above😄🎆

One of Hafod Estates forest walks
We also visited Hafod Estate, in Aberystwyth, Cwmystwyth, once an estate with a estate home, but that was demolished after WW2; which I would guess was due to issues of bankruptcy which led to multiple estate houses across Britain to be sold or demolished, or in Hafod's abandoned, derelict state before it was demolished. It makes me sad to think grand estate homes were demolished or left to become derelict and abandoned due to the poverty that Britain faced. However, much to my delight, Hafod Church is preserved alongside the forest, and the Estate is now run and preserved by the Hafod Trust, which is supported by the Welsh government. Hafod Estate is a great place to visit, offering amazing opportunities to take some lovely images and the estate is free to access with a charitable donation.

One of Hafod Estate's forest walks
The small bridge positioned above a
massive cliff and the river.
It's church houses hundreds of years of history and that is still in use today; hosting a visitors book with visitors from across the globe or in neighbouring locations. The oldest gravestone date I could find was from 1570, which proves how much history the church possessed! I
have included a few images, not the best lighting as they were inside an old stone church, that I assume were provided by the Hafod Trust alongside the support of the Welsh Government, which give historical information about Hafod Estate and the area :)

The estate was lovely, with multiple forest walks you could take, which were great for our working, energetic dogs; and one of which we took included walking alongside and on extremely high cliffs, hills and a waterfall for 2 1/2 hours;
Information of the area. 
exploring is the best thing about holidays in Wales and I love it. The waterfall was amazing with the clear water and the multiple rocks gathered around it. Overall, we had a great day and so did the dogs, who were tired after their long walk.

Gem exploring the water.
The stairs leading to the rooms,
On one of the last days, my family and myself set off for horse riding lessons, something my mum had booked after years of hearing me complain about never having horse riding lessons and wanting to try. The lessons were great, and to my surprise, the teacher said I was " very good" and "skilled" at horse riding, when it was the first time I'd ever ridden a horse and first lesson I had taken in my life 😇  I guess I shall just have to see if I can continue to learn 😁  The best part was that the horse I had was called Nepolian, and rather accurately too, as he was very assertive and bossy, moving to the right to see ahead of the other horses and constantly trying to get to the front of the line to lead 😄
 We also visited Llanerchaeron House, a house still in perfect condition and opened and run by the National Trust. When first attained by The National Trust, it was in a derelict, overgrown state, but is now restored to a perfect structure with so many places to see.

The dining room.
The home was massive, and kept in such good condition including the servant bedrooms, wine cellar, kitchen, bedrooms and all the small rooms outside that servants worked in such as the cheese room which hosted old equipment like barrels to churn the milk, and a laundry room which included old irons placed onto a standing stove which
would heat them up when they were placed onto the edges on shelves, and a very old turning barrel where washing would be placed with soap and churned, much like a very early washing machine. Llanerchaeron House also had gardens restored and on view for the public. Outside near the entrance was a small, pop up cafe that served delicious food from meals to cakes.
The Lounge.
   The national Trust had created the house into a flash back in time, placing historical details, such as a newspaper dating back to Queen Elizabeth's II's Coronation and old magazines dated back to the 1930's and 1940's.

Overall, my holiday was full of interesting sights to see and history; and I loved every part of it. Wales I believe hosts so many natural landscapes that are amazing to see and many historical places to visit; alongside scenic beaches and seaside creatures.

Thank you for reading,

Caris 😃


Saturday, 29 July 2017

Technic Baked Blusher in Peach | Bourbon Rose Blusher Look

Technic Baked Blusher in Peach | Bourbon Rose Blusher Look

Hello to all of my lovely followers and visitors to my blog :)

Today I am going to share with you all one of my favourite makeup looks that I have been adopting of late and one of my best makeup products to use; my Bourbon Rose Blusher Look that I have created and have been wearing pretty much every day this summer, which I feel perfectly suits the summer weather.

This blusher look is created using Technic Baked Blusher in Peach, costing me the great price of £2.99! I love Technic makeup because of the affordability of their products and the amazing quality their makeup radiates when worn. This blusher is my absolute favourite, with it's peachy-pink tones being the perfect pigmentation for my pale skin tone.

One great characteristic of this Technic Baked Blusher, is that it has an amazing shimmer that mimics the illuminating effect of highlighter, creating the 2-in-1 effect of a highlighter and blusher all at once. Another great characteristic of all Technic products that I own, is Technic's 'Against Animal Testing' label on the bottom of all their products, making the product even more worth its cost with the knowledge your product wasn't applied to an animal during testing; which is something I find extremely difficult to find these days for an affordable price due to the large volume of popular brands that still test on animals.

The lush baked texture Technic's Baked Blusher has is the best characteristic for any makeup lover like myself. I adore baked makeup products because they always appear to hold such an intense shimmer, allowing you to easily apply an even amount of product onto your face, which doesn't cake or powder like other non-baked products I have used in the past. As a result, Technic Baked Blusher makes application extremely effective with just a few strokes using a blusher brush resulting in an intense, subtle application of blusher; that appears perfectly and doesn't take long to achieve like some non baked blushes I have used, which just never seem to apply enough to make the blusher visible yet look natural at the same time.

Following the effective application of blusher, Technic Baked Blusher works to illuminate a healthy glow without any build up of blusher, with the blusher spreading evenly onto your face; radiating a healthy, peachy glow perfect for summer and making me feeling great.

This Bourbon Rose Blusher Look I have created can also be tailored to other seasons such as spring, with the soft pigmentation creating the perfect makeup look for any occasion.

Thank you for reading,

Yours truly,
Caris 🌌

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

✨ Avon Clearskin | Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask Review ✨

✨ Avon Clearskin | Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask Review ✨

Hello all my lovely followers and visitors to my blog :) 

Recently I have been trying Avon's Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask and I have to say I think it's a great skincare product to use to treat your skin to a deep treatment cleanse. Due to the warm summer weather, my skin has been suffering pretty badly of late in terms of blemishes, and so I decided to find a face mask that's affordable to purchase, and easy and effective to use.  As the result of my search, I came across Avon's Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask, and being a fan of Avon products because of their affordability and effectiveness, and strict no animal testing moral they have for all their products (see here if interested in reading), I couldn't help but to order myself a tube of face mask and wait to see the results.

I ordered Avon's Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask from Avon's catelogue (you can also head over site to purchase their products), and it cost me just £2.50 for a 75ml tube, which is an amazingly affordable price for a mineral face mask skincare product. When using the face mask, I was surprised by the masks ability to actually penetrate the pores of my skin, leaving tiny little dots in the face mask where the pores on my skin were once the mask had dried. 

When using Avon's Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask after 10-15 minutes, I rinsed the mask off, and it left my skin feeling soft and smooth, alongside being the first face mask I had tried that hadn't left my skin dry; proving that this face mask is a pretty great product to use. I've continued to use the face mask, applying it 2-3 times a week and waiting for the mask to turn grey when dry after 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off, and the results are great. Not only does the mask leave my skin smooth and soft, but it also helps to resolve blemishes by penetrating the pores on my face, and as a result I suffer from less blemishes reappearing where they were previously due to enlarged or blocked pores.

Overall I would rate Avon's Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask 5 out of 5, because it does what it says on the tube and helps to reduce blemishes from appearing and reappearing; something that I am overjoyed about for someone who's skin is effected so easily by variety of factors from temperature and weather, hormones, food and stress such as from lack of sleep. 
   Another great characteristic about Avon's Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask, is that I can apply it to my face, and during the 10-15 minutes whilst I wait for it to dry, I can do other things, leaving the mask time to cleanse my skin whilst I get on with other jobs; making the mask time efficient and effective unlike some face masks I've used in the past which take a the long time for the product to work.

So I urge anyone with skin like mine, and who's willing to try Avon's Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask to go ahead, and quickly purchase a tube whilst Avon still have this product on offer for £2.50, because I love it and it's a perfect face mask to help cleanse and treat my skin for a effective deep cleanse. 

Thank you for reading,

Yours truly,
Caris 😄